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Storm the House 3

Stop the invading forces from destroying your base
Third version of this saga with more game modes, weapons, improved graphics, and much more. Use the mouse to aim and shoot, the space bar to reload, and the Z or the mouse wheel to switch weapons. Click on a gun you've purchased or a tower you've built to upgrade it.

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Published: November 21st 2008 at 8:03PM
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Storm the House 3


jonathan - December 18th 2008 at 10:38AM
a lo bien

sklTivo - December 4th 2008 at 7:49AM
THIS GAME IS THE BEaST OF THE STORM THE HOUSE GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yo Momma Homeskillet - December 4th 2008 at 7:49AM
This game is so coolio, that I'm flippin out dudes.

pope - December 2nd 2008 at 6:50AM
this game is so phenominal

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