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Final Fight

Adaptation of the popular side-scrolling arcade game
Final Fight is back! It also has references to other classic 2D games. To start the game, click on the orange button. Use the W, A, S and D keys to move, K to jump, J to hit, and L as special attack.

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Published: August 25th 2008 at 6:03PM
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Final Fight


Montana - August 28th 2008 at 1:53AM
Controls: A = move left D = move right S = move down W = move up J = Attack K = Jump L = Special Move, reduces life Bar You have a green bar above you yellow life bar. When you beat up your opponents you will have filling this green bar. When the bar is full you will receive 2 blinking spots below the bar. You can have 2 at maximum. With this Spots you can perform a very special move. Press in order : S , W , J

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